LFA SA is proud to welcome René Marty as Chief Executive Officer. Read the press release here.

LFA Lugano Financial Advisors SA is an independent, SWISS wealth management company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States

With offices in Lugano, Zurich and Miami, we are able to provide compliant, cross border wealth management services to US clients domiciled in the US as well as abroad.

Independent, LFA is not bound to any particular bank and we focus entirely on our clients’ specific, individual needs for jurisdictional and international portfolio diversification, complementing domestic wealth strategies already in place back home.

Through discretionary, advisory and special mandates, we enable US clients to take advantage of international investment opportunities while adhering to US regulations and restrictions.

Your Partners

All LFA staff members speak excellent English, are avid US travelers and are experienced in working with US clients, we are not more than a phone call away.



LFA takes pride in providing tried and proven services to US clients in the US and abroad. Our experience enables us to simplify even the more complex aspects of international investing.


Private Clients

Not only Americans domiciled in the US, but also US clients living and working abroad or with international ties, often have international banking and wealth management needs.



LFA is happy to co-counsel with a client’s trusted US financial advisor in adding the element of jurisdictional diversification to a client’s overall portfolio.


Why Switzerland

Global leader for private wealth management: AAA-rating, stable outlook, long-term political and economic stability, Swiss neutrality, reliable Swiss franc, strong institutions and Swiss expertise.


Why International Diversification

Establishing a second wealth management strategy based in Switzerland, results in broader horizons and additional investment opportunities outside of the US financial system.