Not only Americans domiciled in the US, but also US clients living and working abroad or with international ties, often have international banking and wealth management needs

LFA Lugano Financial Advisors SA is expert in the needs of American investors seeking international diversification for their assets. An international portfolio is created to complement an existing US strategy, taking advantage of geographical, currency and issuer diversification.

In addition, LFA is happy to work with a client’s local trusted advisor (bankers, financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, family offices etc.) in adding the element of jurisdictional diversification to a client’s overall portfolio.

Why Switzerland

Global leader for private wealth management: AAA-rating, stable outlook, long-term political and economic stability, Swiss neutrality, reliable Swiss franc, strong institutions and Swiss expertise.


Why International Diversification

Establishing a second wealth management strategy based in Switzerland, results in broader horizons and additional investment opportunities outside of the US financial system.